Mike Colcombe

President & Chief Executive Officer

Mike started as a framer for a custom home builder.  After moving into building material sales, he began working as a production manager, then truss and panel designer for a national lumber dealer.  After he became the Vice President of Manufacturing, he developed several manufacturing locations, created processes and managed turnkey operations throughout the United States.  It was Mike’s vision to expand these disciplined manufacturing and quality philosophies into crew scheduling and field practices.

Ben Cumbie

Chief Operating Officer

Ben graduated from Auburn University with a Building Science degree and elevated himself through a large nationally known General Contractor to a Senior Project Manager and eventually Chief Estimator position. His efforts in over 15 years with the same company, working on a multitude of project types in both the management and preconstruction positions have situated him to handle the detail and scope required to lead 5-STAR operations.

Al Colcombe

Chief Information Officer & Director

Al has extensive experience in information technology, enterprise applications, software development, project management, accounting operations, and process improvement. He holds a degree in Business Administration and Computer Systems.  Through demonstrated success directing the delivery of solid technical and application solutions, he is recognized nationally as a leader driving change and producing results.